Did You think? Did you Look?

Well, did you?

And what did you look at, and what did you think about your website?
Is it getting High rankings and a lot of visitors? Then You know what am going to talk about.
Was it no where to be found? And the only visitor was YOU?
Then why did you build it, or even paid someone to Build it…..

I will come to the Technical Search Engine optimization and Tips later, its not that shocking anyway.

No, your first focus should be on the visitors of your website.
In Internet marketing there is a thing called Marketing 101 !!!
Keep this term in mind if your start to rebuild your site, especially your “lyrics”

Marketing 101 

This term is very potent stuff if you really, really think about it.
You then realise that your conception of your website is wrong!
Don’t build a website for the masses the way you compose a Newspaper advertisement.
A website is about communication with your visitor (single) that means One on One
Look at Your competitors websites that do rank higher and see and learn how they address their visitors.

Try this one…, How would you promote your product or service, or knowledge if you are in the same room talking to him or her!

Write it down, and later on I will share thoughts with You.


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