Talking to your visitors

If you are running a website, how would you describe the way you “talk” to your visitors?

Are you friendly, easy to “talk” to, pervasive maybe?
Or do you sound a bit cross, or overly technical?

What I want you to do right now, is to look at your writing…..
Does it fit to the customer you want to reach?

For example, if you want to reach people interested in a Coffee machine, would you begin telling them how great your product is, with all the technical details?

I am Sure you would as you are proud of your product, and you should be.

Now, just the get you mind going to focus on your customer, think about me as your website visitor.

I am interested in buying a new coffee machine, and I want it to be fast, make good coffee and it must be easy to use, so my kinds can use it to make coffee for me…. 🙂

And I go onto the Internet and do a Google search for “easy fast coffee machine”.

I found your website!
And your newly written promotion piece, telling me those great technical stuff like:

– Removable Water Reservoir
– Programmable Digital display
– Dimensions
– Power supply
– Watt usage
– Voltage
– Dispenser size

And lots and lots more…

So I think, oké this is to technical and probably not so easy to use, and away I go, to my next search result, gone from your site, to never come back…

Now, If your page would have said:
You can have a cup of fresh tasty coffee in just two minutes.
Look at this easy to handle coffee machine.

Picture (would be nice)

Some simple features, water container size, possible handling of Bigger cups.
And a link to “more features on this page”

And then some nice coffee recipes…..

Where would you be spending your money?

What has all this to do with Search Engine Marketing?

It seems no were near the topic in this Blog…
Actually it does have everything to do with SEO and SEM.

First off all, you got to have your visitor stay on you site, once they have found it.
By clicking more pages within your website (page with features, some other pages with recipes) you get points for being a valuable site for the subject searched for.

Thus creating more points for a better ranking, also, and this is the best part, people will be taking about your site, the easy use of your compliance and discuss your product on forums and hopefully write good reviews on sites like Amazon and eBay.

And here comes the part were you have to step in, be active on those forums, leaving tips and tricks for your product.
Ask people if you might use there reviews, or link to them from your webpage, now that is working on Search Engine Marketing, even on a tight budget, just take the time and promote your product all over the web….

The spiders and bots will find their way to your site again and again.

P.s. Remember, write for your visitors, not for search engines!


2 responses to “Talking to your visitors

  1. There are two ways of looking at this, but without looking at the page first hand I cannot say whether I agree or disagree with you. Not all buyers are ‘consumers’ if the description above was targeting the consumer then the approach was totally wrong.

    However if the machine was aimed at commercial buyers then the approach was correct. You made no distinction whether the site was B2C or B2B.

  2. Thank You for your comment!

    The page I am writing about is fictional, but targeted towards customers.

    If your write for commercial buyers, I think you should have the same approach.
    Learn how to talk to your customers!

    In that case, you are right, talking in a B2B environment you must focus your writing more towards the specifications.
    You could even go for the long copy as people in B2B are more focused on these items.

    Even then I like to separate the two in different pages, for clearity and for getting more pageviews and duration on the site.

    Still main focus should be getting the customer/visitor to read your copy and take action on it.

    P.s. If am writing content, I don’t think of Search Engines…
    But before publishing, I often rewrite, giving more attention to the customers point of view.

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